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Coin Operated Lock
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Coin Operated Lock-SC Coin Operated Lock-SC

The SC-Coin Operated Lock can be set for any kind of coins from different countries. Made of stainless steel can be used in humid indoor and outdoor locations. Special design for the master and user key provides over 5 million combinations with unduplicated system.


Coin retain, return, non-coin, or All-In-One (Mechanical)


Stainless Steel


About 0.4KG


1. Four Functions Option

a.      Coin Retained  b. Coin returned

c.       Non-Coin         d. All-In-One

2. Setting up for 1-4 coins depends on the coin size

3. Master Key is available for cylinder changing and emergency opening.

4. Simple installation and easy maintenance.

5. Changing cylinder without removing locks from the cabinet.

6. Special designed high security unduplicated keys.

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