Coin Locker and Lock Manufacturer ------TaiwanLock Co., LTD.

Professional Coin locker and lock manufacturer and supplier. Supply various locker & locks solutions dedicated to satisfying end-user’s needs for security, safety, and convenience. We own many patents and our products spread all over the world.
TaiwanLock Co., Ltd. is a professional lock & locker manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to satisfying end-user’s need for security, safety and convenience. We have been running as a reputation company starting 1989 in the lock and locker industry.

We are one of most renowned brands in Taiwan. Our products have been sold all over the world. We have our valued customers as the world’s biggest shopping malls such as Wal-mart, Carrefour, Trust-mart, TESCO, Pakson,etc. Our products and services are favorable recognized by our customers and have been consolidated a standard position in lock and locker business market.

For the over years, we have developed a range of locks and lockers of versatile colors and sizes to meet specific needs and we are still keeping design and develop new locks with our R&D staff to create more convenience and safety products to our customers. With our own patents, we can offer OEM&ODM service to you.

With your support, we can keep develop innovative products to make your customers more carefree and secure with their values.

TaiwanLock Co;Ltd,
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