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Coin Operated Lock
Coin Operated Lock-DA Return

Coin Operated Lock-DA ReturnCoin Operated Lock-DA Return

There are coin retain and return are available for the DA coin operated lock. Lock is installed inside the door. This kind of lock can be used in public buildings, swimming pools, or shopping centers and other location where is required for a short-term storage of your private items. 14-pin cylinder is designed for security and provides 5 million combinations with unduplicated system.


Coin return function (Mechanical)


Plastic and other corrosion-resistant materials


About 0.4KG


1. One coin return function.

2. Two ways of opening the door:
a. Right handed open
b. Left handed open

3. Master key is available for maintenance and emergency.

4. Cylinder is interchangeable.

5. Can be fitted in plastic locker, timber locker, and steel locker.

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